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Single Expat Life In Singapore – How To Survive And Thrive

As a single expatriate in Singapore, regardless of your race or nationality, you are generally speaking going to have a good time in Singapore and here’s why.

Be a confident, career driven and successful man in Singapore – First of all, many women in Singapore will claim that they prefer a man who is aged xx and height xx and race xx. However, most of that goes out of the window when they meet a confident, career driven and successful man – whom you probably are. Most women in Singapore are relatively superficial and materialistic, and if you want to bag a local woman, simply be successful, and you will have hoards of them coming up to you as long as you don’t completely look like a trash bag and smell like you haven’t bathed in years. The easiest way to pick up women as a single expat in Singapore is to drive around and live in a condominium or above (e.g. a mansion is a guaranteed pull factor to get local women).

Hit town areas for the beautiful girls, heartland malls are where old aunties hang out – Second of all, here’s a big dating tip for expatriates living and working in Singapore. Whatever you do, do NOT hit the heartland malls. Most women in heartland malls like Hougang Mall, Jurong Point, Tampines Mall, North Point e.t.c. in Singapore are not accustomed to men hitting on them in public. They are also mostly old and fat women. If you want to get a girl, go to where the hot girls are – Orchard Road and Clarke Quay. If you fancy an office lady, then check out Raffles Place, as most Singaporean girls who frequent those locations are used to being picked up by expatriates, while that is a highly unusual phenomenon at heartland malls instead.

Find a social escort in Singapore – Third of all, if you want a guaranteed girlfriend for the night, simply engage a social escort. That is the simplest, yet cheap (in the long run – get a girlfriend and you will know expensive they are) and guaranteed choice to get the local girlfriend experience. In fact, I highly recommend all single expatriates to engage a social escort in Singapore from a good local SG agency at least once in their lives.

Wear thinner clothes – Fourth of all, wear light and comfortable clothes in Singapore. Singapore’s weather is insanely humid and hot. If you wear thick clothes like you are used to in Europe or America, then you will regret it. Not only will you perspire profusely, you will stink, and no matter how attractive you are, if you stink, no woman (& man) will approach you. Appearance is very important – you don’t want to have a gigantic patch of perspiration on your back and expect girls to be turned on by it.

Search online for expat or dating events – Finally, there are actually a lot of chances for you to mix around with other fellow expatriates in Singapore. A quick search on Google Plus and Facebook will show you groups of single expatriates in Singapore looking to mingle and date. Of course, if you want to date a local girl instead, then perhaps checking out social escorts or going down to Clarke Quay and Orchard road will be a much better idea!

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