How Can I Find A Social Escort In Singapore?

How to find escorts in Singapore?

If you do not already know any agency, do not worry. There are lots of places today where you can easily search for a social escort agency in Singapore.

Method 1: To simply Google for social escorts!

The most obvious place will simply be to Google for it. Yes, Google solves nearly everything, not just in the US, but in Singapore too. Whether you are looking for a social escort or an accountant, everything can be easily found on Google. There are other much smaller websites in which you can look for your preferred service providers such as Backpage, e.t.c., but none is as effective as Google. Just a quick search will bring up a list of social escort agencies operating in Singapore. Do note, that it’s illegal to engage an agency which is unregistered with the local authorities. This means that if they were operating illegally or doing dodgy stuff, all their clients can be called up by the police force for investigations in Singapore. Do not mess with the law in Singapore. While sugar babies and escorts are legal in Singapore, make sure if you want a female escort to only engage a licensed agency likeĀ such asĀ

Method 2: Use (outdated) Yellow Pages

The second place will be to look for them on the albeit outdated Yellow Pages. Many agencies still list their websites on Yellow Pages in Singapore, but one thing to note though is that many of these same agencies do not have a website, so you cannot browse through their website. You will need to manually contact those agencies without a website and ask for recommendations and photographs. Generally speaking, in Singapore, Google is a live updated version than Yellow Pages, which is frankly, outdated.

Method 3: Use Locanto to search

Third of all, you can and should check out Locanto. Although good listings are rare, you can still find some escorts advertising their agency or themselves on there. A danger though is that on locanto, especially for the independent escorts, they usually tend to use fake photos, which is really annoying in my opinion. I have engaged an independent escort from Locanto before, only for the woman to turn out Filipina, short and fat instead of the local Chinese girl who is slim and hot like in the image shown. I highly recommend using Google or Yellow Pages instead. If you must use Locanto, use the agencies listed on there instead of the independent ones.

Random tip for people looking for escorts in Singapore:

An additional tip for all expatriates looking to date a social escort is that, In Singapore, I will not recommend you to look at sites similar to Backpage. Backpage has since been shut down in 2018, and other sites like it like Locanto e.t.c. (aggregated sites with independent listings are notorious for using stolen photographs. If you have an odd fetish for seeing your escort appear 50 pounds overweight, 4 shades of skin difference, or look entirely unlike her photographs, then use these aggregated sites. Otherwise, in Singapore, steer clear of them.

Also, please note that laws in Singapore are different from other countries which you may have visited or come from. If you engage a social escort model who is not a local in Singapore, you can get into legal troubles with the authorities. If you engage an independent escort (from Singapore), who almost always does not declare her income, you can get called up for questioning. All these are unnecessary problems. Simply stick to good agencies in Singapore like SGVIP Services like I showed you above and you should do just fine. Agencies deal with all these problems for you, so that you can bypass these problems and just enjoy your time with the female escort model!

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