Why Get A Girlfriend When You Can Get Escorts?

People love the idea of ‘renting’ so much. There is AIrbnb, Uber, e.t.c. Why should you get a steady girlfriend unless you’re already planning to get married within the next 1-2 years? Additionally, if you are an expatriate in Singapore, you will probably only live here for 3-5 years. So, instead of getting attached to a local girlfriend here, simply enjoy your time unless you’re intending to live in Singapore for the rest of your life. A better recommendation for dating in Singapore is to use escorts.

Social escorts can be easily found online in Singapore. However, do note that escorts in Singapore generally operate vastly different from that of places such as Las Vegas, e.t.c.

Escorts in places like Las Vegas or Australia are no different from prostitutes. They sell and only sell sexual services. They’re literally prostitutes. However, escorts are different in Singapore. Social escorts in Singapore are true to their words (generally speaking for most agencies), and simply act as female companions to their male clients. They are meant to be beautiful ladies who will act as arm candy and be a pretend girlfriend for the client.

Some of you may then therefore ask, why not just use Tinder? Now, the big problem with Tinder is that if you tried using it, you will realize although you will get matches on Tinder in Singapore if you are attractive, most of the girls won’t respond to a real life meet up. This a problem for all races and men in Singapore. Therefore, that’s the reason why online dating never took off and never will in Singapore. The easiest way is to guarantee a pretty girl will go out with you in Singapore is to find a local Singaporean social escort.

If you have a fetish for Asian and Singaporean ladies, and think that they’re super beautiful, then this is the perfect solution for you.

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