What does it take to be a social escort in Singapore?

First of all, let us first explore what a social escort job entails.

A social escort is a (female) companion who follows her clients gotten through a social escort agency to social events as a partner or simply act as her clients’ girlfriend for a private date.

Essentially, you are being paid to be someone’s girlfriend. Most social escorts are engaged on an hourly basis, and usually for 1-4 hours for a private date or a social event. Most of your clients, if you want to be a female escort in Singapore are likely to be Chinese locals or wealthy Indonesians, Caucasians e.t.c. in their 30s to 40s. Most of these people are wealthy expatriates or businessmen.

As a social escort, you are supposed to entertain clients, as though you are their girlfriend, and this is for both private dates or social events. Therefore, most escorts in Singapore are required to be classy, high in girlfriend experience (GFE) and great looking. Some drinking is required if the client wants it, but you are not a club hostess, so there is no nonsense like you must drink. Everything is very respectful between you and the client. Of course, if you want more business from the agency you are working with, then it’s important that you entertain the client well.

One of the biggest reasons that many young women in Singapore are considering a part time career (outside of their studies or day job) as a social escort is because it is a very high paying job. Additionally, only a few hours need to be worked at this job to rival the income of ANY full time job.

Here are some of the minimum requirements that you usually need to apply for such a job in Singapore.

  • You should be Singaporean or a permanent resident of Singapore. This applies to any job in Singapore. Work permits are NOT handed out for escort jobs, so don’t apply for social escort jobs in Singapore unless you are a citizen or a Permanent Resident.
  • You must be above age of 18 to work legally in Singapore in any job, including this, and you should ideally be younger than 28 to 30 years of age as most clients like girls of that age.
  • You should be very classy, eloquent and refined. No wealthy men like women who act like men.
  • Good dress sense is very important, as you are often being brought around to exotic or expensive locations, and it is a huge turn off for clients to bring you around if you are wearing sloppily.
  • You should know how to make men feel as though you are already their girlfriend. You do not want the clients to feel as though you are their first date. You want to give them the romantic girlfriend experience.

If you think you fulfill all of the above criteria, then definitely apply for a social escort job at any local agency in Singapore!

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