Is Dating Very Hard In Singapore For Expats?

Do Foreigners Have It Easy For Dating In Singapore?

A lot of people have the misconception that foreigners have it easy in picking up girls in Singapore. Some people think that local Singaporean girls flock to foreigners magically just because they hail from another country. However, the truth is, they face nearly the same issues as local Singaporean men do!

Dating In Singapore Is Hard For Both Locals And Foreigners

The truth is that women in Singapore are generally very conservative, and will be clammed up if a guy approached her (regardless of race) and even if she likes the guy approaching her. This is case even on Tinder! Try a normal pick up line that could have worked in the United States and it will fall flat in Singapore, or most Asian countries for that matter, and you may even be labelled a creepy by the girls. Both foreign and local men do not have it easy when it comes to dating Singaporean girls if they are average.

However, The Story May Change If You Are Successful And Confident

Unless you are a high earning or a very successful foreign businessman living in Singapore, dating in Singapore is hard. Most women are too conservative to being approached by strangers on the street, and unless you met them at your work place or while studying in Singapore, it’s not easy to get a girl in Singapore. This is the case regardless of your race or age as long as we are talking about Singapore and the local women and dating scene.

Thankfully, if you’re an expatriate, the truth is that most expatriates in Singapore make far more than an average man on the street, just like how Singaporean expatriates in other countries are earning far more than the average person on the street of the foreign country.

It is usually the money and the confidence that comes with it which seems to give foreigners the edge, and not their ‘exotic’ ness. Expatriates are usually more well off and that attracts girls as well. Additionally, if you want a no strings attached relationship for that evening or even afternoon, then you can also use your high income to engage social escorts if you don’t mind it.

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